Oliver SBF 5.400″ Connecting Rods STD Weight Small Journal SBC 2.000/.940 Width- F5400SVO-SMLT8

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Oliver’s Small Block Ford 302 SVO Offset Small Journal “Standard Light” version rods are designed to withstand tons of abuse from Nitrous and Boosted applications. Many racers use these rods up to 1500 HP with good success in boosted applications for Small Block Fords.

  • 7/16″ Premium Bolts
  • Rod Length: 5.400″
  • Wrist Pin: .0927″
  • Crank Pin: 2.000″
  • Big End Width: 0.940″ (SBC Width)
  • Big End Bore: 2.125″
  • Approx Weight: 187gr total, 450gr Rotate, 637gr Reciprocating
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