PST 3.75″ OD Carbon Fiber Driveshafts with 1350 U-Joints

$1,289.00 Each - Free Shipping

When racers ask their friends which Carbon Fiber Driveshaft to buy, overwhelmingly the response is “PST”. There’s a reason for that! Over the years PST has established themselves as the premier CF Driveshaft manufacturer, and let’s face it – when you’re spending the extra money to shave pounds from your race care you want something that will last.

PST uses two different wind angles incorporated in the manufacture  of the tubing to give extraordinary torsional strength, enough to be survive the brutal launches of a Pro Mod. An added benefit of a carbon fiber driveshaft is the can give you a “smoother”  60ft due to less shock to all the driveline components resulting in longer part life.

  • Rated for over 3000 hp
  • Tested under 3000 ft lb twist torque in both directions
  • Balanced to within 1/8 ounce


  • Driveshafts are measured from the center of the front U-Joint to the center of the rear U-joint 


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