Racemaker 20 Amp, 16v Lithium Battery Charger – Full Spectrum Power

$249.00 Each

All new from Full Spectrum Power, the Racemaker 20 Amp, 16v Battery Charger gives you the power to get your Lithium Battery full recharged, QUICK! Ever been worried about the track hot-lapping you in the later rounds of eliminations and not being able to get your battery fully charged? That’s no longer a problem with a full 20 Amps of power from the most advanced battery charger available for 16v Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries!

The Racemaker 20 works with all 16v Lithium Racing Batteries from 4ah to 20ah capacity, and it was designed to fully optimize charging for the Full Spectrum Power P.MotiveLite and P.Motive 2k16.

  • Selectable 4 amp, 10 amp, and 20 amp output
  • Digital Screen Displays the % Charge and Battery Voltage (Not a blinky light that leaves you guessing where it’s at)
  • Auto Shutoff
  • 4 Handy USB Type A Ports for Phone and other Device Charging
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