Rollmaster Timing Chain Small Block Ford 351 Cleveland w/Aftermarket Crank GOLD CS3130

$158.00$175.80 Each

Gold Series Rollmaster High Performance Timing Chain Set for Small Block Ford 351 Cleveland block applications with Torrington Bearing, Billet Steel Nitrided Sprockets & 9 Keyway Crank Sprocket

  • Double Roller Chain
  • Premium quality German manufactured IWIS timing chain
  • Torrington bearings
  • Billet nitrided sprockets
  • 9 keyway crank sprocket: 0, advance 2,4,6,8 degrees, retard 2,4,6,8 degrees
  • Includes cam & crank sprocket, chain, bearings, thrust plate
  • Application – Ford Cleveland with Scat, Eagle, SVO crank. Spacer built into crank gear using Ford Windsor crankshaft in Cleveland block.
  • Available with -.005″ and -.010″ reduced center distances to fit line bored engines.