Sonnax TH400/4L80-E Roller Bearing Slip Yoke T3-3-2431CBH

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Fits TH400 and 4L80-E with Roller Bearing Tail Housing & 1350 U-Joint

Roller bearings are typically used in tail housings found in extreme-performance applications, requiring a slip yoke that is capable of standing up to both the hardness of the bearing and punishing competitive conditions. Sonnax performance slip yoke T3-3-2431CBH is specifically designed for use with tail housings that are equipped with a roller bearing instead of a bushing.

Forged from rugged chromoly steel, precision machined and expertly tempered to be able to withstand the most severe performance environments it is perfectly suited for all high-horsepower and torque capacity vehicles, whether at the strip, on the street or at the track.

  • Material: Forged Chromoly
  • Counter Bore (Y/N): Yes
  • U-Joint Series: 1350
  • CL to End Length: 5.500″
  • Weight: 2.800 lbs
  • Length: 6.370″
  • Spline Tooth Count: 32
  • Barrel Length: 3.800″
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