Strange Evolution Brake Kit For Early Style Big Ford with 2.500″ Brake Offset, Evolution Stainless Rotors, Four Piston Calipers – Strange B1707WCE

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Strange Engineering Evolution Rear Brake Kit for Big Ford/Early Big Ford Housing Ends with 2.50″ Offset.  Features Evolution S Dynamic Drive Mount (DDM) Stainless Steel Rotors, Billet Aluminum DDM Hats, Four Piston Billet Evolution 4 Calipers, Billet Aluminum Caliper Mounts and DTC-30 Semi Metallic Brake Pads.

  • Upgrade To Evolution 4 Low Profile Calipers – B5080 Increases Caliper to Wheel Clearance for Beadlocks or other tight fit situations. Reduces OD of rear caliper assembly diameter by .354″. - Changes OD from 13.014" STD to 12.660" Low Profile.