Fox Body Mustang Coyote Swap Stainless Steel Headers – FOXCOY

$1,515.00 Free Shipping

Bring your Mustang Fox Body up to date with a Coyote Swap! Stainless Works Stainless Steel headers make a project like this easier!

  • Tig Welded
  • O2 Bungs
  • 3 1/2″ Collector OD
  • Works with either UPR or AJE K-members / transmission crossmembers.

Transmission Clearance for

  • C4
  • T200, T350, T400
  • 4R70w
  • Manual trans and a few others

Designed By Racers For Racers
Our Foxbody headers have been specifically designed for each cylinder head for optimum fitment and an easy install. They are engineered to tuck up close to vehicle for great ground clearance, while leaving ample space for spark plug wires. The addition of our removable merge collector allows for even greater flexibility during installation.