TBM DOT 5.1 Xtreme 6 Racing Brake Fluid 12 oz 7-0102

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TBM Xtreme 6 brake fluid is a specially formulated high temperature performance brake fluid. This DOT 5.1 fluid is compatible with DOT 3 and 4 making the switch easier. Xtreme 6 is safe and compatible with seals and brake components and is recommended to be used with TBM brakes!

Recommended for all drum & disc brakes systems including hydraulic clutches that require DOT 5.1, DOT 4, or DOT 3  Brake Fluid.

  • Non-Silicone Base
  • Can be mixed with Dot 3 & Dot 4 Brake Fluids
  • Will not Swell Seals & O-Rings (Silicone Based Fluids Can)
  • DOT 5.1 Fluid has a Minimum Wet Boiling Point of 356 degrees Fahrenheit
  • TBM recommends getting at least 4 (12 oz) bottles when filling an empty brake system
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