TBM Brakes Front Brake Kit – Spindle Mount Wheel on 1st Gen Camaro Drum Spindle 001-0232

$899.00 Pair - Free Shipping $854.05

TBM’s Low Drag Brake Kits offer a lightweight, super low drag braking system with calipers that retract to lower rolling resistance. Save weight as well, typically lighter than other aftermarket brakes and equipped with the distinct Revolution Rotors too!

This Kit fits OEM 1st Gen Camaro/3rd Gen Nova DRUM brake spindles. Note: On DRUM brake spindles, the upper mounting bolt boss sticks out about 1/2″ out from the lower boss. If you have modified drum spindles to fit other brake kits and the two mounting bosses are close to the same plane this is the kit you need.

Kits include:

  • DR-1 Calipers 002-0044SSP
  • #85 Compound Track Pads 6-006485
  • 10.75x .310 Steel Revolution Rotors 3-10753105525D
  • Aluminum Caliper Mounting Brackets 16-0232-1/-2
  • Aluminum rotor hat 204-0211
  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware