TBM Brakes Front Brake Kit for SN95 94-04 Mustang 001-0224

$1,099.00 Pair - Free Shipping $1,044.05

TBM’s Low Drag Brake Kits can convert your Mustang’s Brakes to a lightweight, super low drag braking system with calipers that retract to lower rolling resistance. Save weight as well, typically lighter than other aftermarket brakes and equipped with the distinct Revolution Rotors too!

This kit is designed for the 1994-2004 Ford Mustang and reuses the Factory Hubs. This front brake kit is extremely lightweight and are not suitable for use with factory rear brakes/proportioning. They must be used with a properly installed aftermarket-style 4 piston rear brake kit.

Kits include:

  • DR-1 Calipers 002-0054SSP
  • #1 Compound – Standard Drag Race Pad
  • 10.75 x .310 steel revolution rotors 3-107531255625D
  • Aluminum rotor hats 204-0210
  • Aluminum caliper mounting brackets 16-0217
  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware