TBM Brakes Strange Spindle Mount Front Brake Kit – GT Strut & TRZ/Racecraft 001-0204

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If you’ve went to the trouble and expense to upgrade to a Spindle Mount Wheel package, you certainly want to finish out the package in style with TBM’s Ultra Low Drag Front Brakes. You’ve seen the videos and know they are the real deal! Now you can own TBM’s brakes too with amazing low drag and lightweight components – they are only a click away…

Spindle Mount Front Drag Race Brake Kits include:

  • DR-1 2 piston calipers 002-0044SSP
  • #1 Compound – Standard Drag Race Pad
  • 10.75x .310 steel revolution rotors 3-107531255625D
  • Aluminum rotor hats 204-0211
  • Steel caliper mounting brackets 16-0210-1/-2
  • All necessary mounting hardware