TCI Powerglide Aluminum Gerotor Pump for PRO-X Ringless Input Shaft 743525

$861.95 Each - Free Shipping

TCI PRO-X™ Powerglide Cast Aluminum Gerotor Ringless Pumps are designed for use with the TCI Pro-X Ringless Input Shafts. Gerotor pumps offer performance advantages over OEM style involute-style pumps, not to mention OEM pumps are very hard to find as supply is limited. Aluminum pumps help dissipate heat more efficiently that steel for quicker between rounds turn around time. These pumps can save up to 6 lbs over a OEM steel pump.

  • Designed for TCI Pro-X™ Ringless Input Shaft
  • Improved Low RPM Flow and Reduced HP consumption
  • Heat Treated Stator Support Tubes
  • Handle Line Pressures up to 300psi.
  • Dry Film Coated Gears for Reduced Friction & Wear
  • Bolt in Stator Support Tube