T&D Aluminum Shaft Rockers SBF AFR 205 and AFR 220 Heads 1.70 Ratio TDM-7341-170/170

$1,780.00 Full Set - Free Shipping

T&D Machine Products Solid Body Aluminum Shaft Rocker Kit for AFR 205 and 220 Heads. Features a 1 piece stand that spans the length of the head.

  • 1.70 Rocker Ratio (both intake & exhaust)
  • Pressurized Oiling, T&D Rockers have an oil passage built into most rockers arms that channel oil from the pushrod cup to the shaft bearings and then on to the roller tip
  • 7/16″ Diameter Adjuster Screw, biggest in the business for more consistent lash
  • 4130 Deep Case Hardened Large Diameter Shafts
  • 2024 Aluminum for improved tensile and yield strength
  • Rebuildable for long life
  • Spring Oilers

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