Total Seal Classic Race Plasma Moly 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 3mm, 4.000″- 4.165″ Bore CRG2010 Series Conventional Gap Ring Sets

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Total Seal CR Classic race piston rings are built around Total Seal’s ductile iron, plasma-moly coated conventional top rings. They have conventional cast iron second rings and 3-piece, low-tension stainless steel oil rings. These ring sets are ideal for street use, race applications, and mild levels of nitrous or forced induction.

  • 1.5mm Ductile Iron Top Ring with Plasma Moly Coating
  • 1.5mm Ductile Iron 2nd Ring
  • 3mm Low Tension Stainless Steel Oil Rings
  • Conventional Gap, File to Fit
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