Trend .165″ Wall Full Taper 7/16″ – 3/8″ Chrome Moly Pushrods TXXX1657FT

$31.00 Each

Trend Performance One Piece Centerless Ground Chrome Moly Pushrods are an excellent choice for a high performance engine. Available in 7.400″ to 11.500″ long, in .025″ increments and includes Trend’s .210 radius ball end.

Full tapered pushrods have a highly tapered tips for clearance at the rocker and lifter, but is thicker around the main diameter at one end and tapers gently across its full length to the opposite end for increased strength and intake port clearance. This full tapered pushrod has 0.165″ inch wall thickness and measures 7/16″ diameter at the larger end which is typically installed at the lifter.

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