351W, SVO & DART Small Block Ford Road Race Dual Sump Oil Pan VR-1066RR

$1,120.00 Each

The VR-1066RR is a dual sump, T-Shaped Road Race Oil Pan designed to fit the Ford 351 Windsor,  SVO & Dart Blocks. This pan is designed for an internal oil pump with the dual sump design. 3/8″ Thick Pan Rails and Billet Front and Rear Seals for Leak Free Performance.

  • Fits 351W and any aftermarket 351W block, including blocks with 4 bolt caps
  • Diamond shape box/trap door system for continuous oil supply during hard cornering
  • Accel and Decel Ledge
  • 2 Drain Plugs (Front and Rear Sumps)
  • Left Hand Side Dipstick Mount with 1/4” NPT Female Thread
  • Billet Rail design
  • Front Sump Depth 6 3/4″
  • Rear Sump Depth 7 1/2″
  • Rear Sump Length 7 1/2″
  • Includes Internal Oil Pickup for Mellings M-83
  • For 157 Tooth Flexplate/Flywheel
  • Custom options and sizes available, contact us for details
  • Oil Return Bungs

    Add one or two Oil Return Bungs, typically used for Turbo oil drain back. We use Female ORB bungs for serviceability and adaptability if you need to make fitting changes later.