429-460 BBF Fox Body Fabricated Aluminum Dual Sump Pro Oil Pans VR-1191

$969.00 Each

Vincent Racing has designed a excellent dual sump fabricated aluminum pan for the 429-460 Big Block Ford block with an excellent track record of proven oil control. This pan is designed for an internal oil pump with the dual sump design that fits the Fox Body Mustangs.

  • For 429-460 BBF Blocks
  • Clears up to 4.500” Stroke w/Steel Rods.
  • Double Sump for Fox Body Chassis
  • 2” Pass Side Full Kickout w/Starter Notch
  • Front Box Clears Kaase Oil Pump
  • 9″ Deep
  • Holds 7 qts (including filter)
  • Billet Rail Design
  • Includes Internal Oil Pickup Tube
  • Custom options and sizes available, contact us for details