VR225 Highport Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads

$3,820.00$3,840.00 Pair

VR225 CNC Highport Cylinder Heads are perfect for your Small Block Ford Street / Strip Bruser Engine. Featuring 225cc Intake Runners for 340+ CFM of flow, 58cc Chambers, and 257+ cfm 95cc Exhaust Ports they are the foundation for a very strong Small Block!

Vincent Performance offers Custom CNC Machined Cylinder Heads with our spec Valve Job and Guides. We check, blueprint and assemble these heads in house and they are ready for you to bolt on when you receive them.

Cylinder Head Package Includes

  • Ferrea Comp. Plus Stainless Valves, 2.080″ Intake / 1.600″ Exhaust
  • 11/32″ Bronze Valve Guides
  • Ductile Iron Intake / Exhaust Valve Seats with 45° Angle
  • PAC-1225, PSI DR-434 OR PSI DR-426 Dual Valve Spring Options
  • Matching PAC Ti Retainers
  • 10° Locks
  • Fully Assembled
  • Custom Matching Cam, Intake, Lifters, Rockers and more available as a package!
  • Optional Ti Intake Valve Upgrade, with or without hard tips
  • Optional Victory1 Inconel Exhaust Valves
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    Hot Isostatic Press Option strengthens the casting. Recommended for Boosted & Max Effort Engines.

    PSI DR426R 900" Lift, 300 lb seat, 840 lb open pressure dual spring upgrade

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