VR318 Brodix Neal 202 Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads

$7,498.00$7,598.00 Pair, Assembled

VR318 CNC Brodix Neal 202 Cylinder Heads are the biggest and baddest Small Block Ford Head. Designed for use with Nitrous or Boost, this head makes BIG power. Features 318cc Intake Runners loaded with 2.225″ Intake Valves with 60cc Chambers (Power Adder Chamber). Many options are available for these heads, please call to discuss your application.

Standard pricing below includes –

  • Fully CNC ported castings
  • Ductile Iron Seats standard
  • Iron Seats (Alloy Upgrade Available
  • 5 Angle Valve Job
  • 60cc Power Adder Chamber
  • Hand Profile of Valve Job into Porting with Flow Test
  • Professional Assembly
  • Water Ports Drilled and Tapped in Ends of Heads
  • 2.225″ Titanium Intake (optional hard tip) and 1.60″ Inconel Exhaust Valves from Victory 1
  • Your Choice of Drag Race Valve Springs
  • XRE titanium retainers,locators, Viton Seals and 10deg; Locks
  • Fully Assembled, Spring Pressures Checked & Installed Heights Set
  • Custom Matching Cam, Intake, Lifters, Rockers and more available as a package!

We check, blueprint and assemble these heads in house and they are ready for you to bolt on when you receive them.

    Reset options

    Soft Quench Chamber Cut and Blend for Big Nitrous Applications. Soft quench adds 2-3cc volume depending cut angle

    Hot Isostatic Press Option strengthens the casting. Recommended for Boosted & Max Effort Engines.

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