Wilson 65-105mm 4150 Billet Throttle Body Elbows

$299.00$349.00 Each - Free Shipping

Wilson Manifolds 100-degree elbows provide the most efficient method of adapting our high flow single bore throttle bodies to 4-barrel style intake manifolds. This allows the use of a high performance intake manifold with a large diameter single bore fuel injection throttle body.

These elbows incorporate a computer-optimized transition from the throttle body to the intake manifold plenum for maximum flow and optimum air flow distribution. Each elbow is CNC machined to match each end of the elbow precisely to it’s intended mating size. Commonly used for turbo & blower applications. Available for 60mm to 105mm throttle bodies mated with 4150 series manifolds.

  • 100 Degree Elbow
  • Computer Optimized Flow Path
  • CNC Machined Cast Aluminum
  • For 4150 Holley O-Ringed Intake Flange
  • 60-90mm or 95-105mm Throttle Body Options
  • Front / Rear or Side / Side Mounting Available
  • Also available in Billet CNC version