Wilson BIG ONE 4500 4-Barrel Throttle Body

$990.00 Each - Free Shipping

Wilson Manifolds 4500 4-Barrel High Flow Throttle Bodies were developed using the latest computer modeling software and test equipment available to produce designs that yield the maximum flow per square inch of cross-sectional area. This results in maximum power for any given throttle body type and size with capabilities from 1610 CFM up to 2320 CFM!

  • 1610 or 2320 CFM options.
  • 4500 Flange
  • 2 5/8″ Tall
  • Stainless Steel 3-Way Adjustable Linkage
  • Includes both Progressive & 1 to 1 Linkage
  • 3/8″ Throttle Shafts with Sealed Roller Bearings (no leaks!)