Wilson Hi Boost 105mm Throttle Body V-Band LS / Ford Pattern – 471105VHB

$810.00 Each - Free Shipping

Wilson Manifolds new HI-BOOST (HB series) of performance throttle bodies. Specifically developed for severe duty and high boost applications, the new design provides improved performance and durability.

Features a sealed shaft that is pressure tested to 100 psi and stable under the high engine temperatures and high inlet air temps seen in competition and high-power street applications.

New redesigned  mounting coupler for the TPS sensor to eliminate erratic signals sometimes seen under high boost. Then the blade is installed in a split-shaft for superior strength – counter-sunk mounting screws hold the blade in a contoured design for improved airflow at full throttle. Initially offered in the popular 105mm opening.

  • 4.250″ OD
  • V-Band Style
  • LS / Ford Bolt Pattern
  • Clamp is NOT included.
  • NO IAC Provision
  • Add On Options

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