Xceldyne XR-10524 Titanium 10° Dual Spring Retainers

$376.00 Set of 16, Free Shipping

Xceldyne is committed to providing superior reliability and performance through the finest R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Customer Service.

  • Special 6AL-4V Titanium for Maximum Strength
  • Machined on dedicated CNC equipment with highest dimensional accuracy and unmatched surface finish.
  • Mil-Spec Heat Treated Titanium Allow featuring superior strength and wear resistance
  • Engineered using solid modeling and FEA analysis allowing optimum cross-section thickness for strength, reduced mass and long service life. Proven with Spintron Validation.
  • Each part traceable, marked with part number and batch number.
  • 10° Taper Angle
  • Installed Height: +.100″ (Standard)
  • For 1.625” OD Dual Valve Springs
  • Outer Diameter: 1.485″
  • 1st Step: 1.175″
  • 2nd Step: .855″
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