TBM Brake Pad Application Chart

TBM Drag Race Brake Kits are supplied with #85 pads for TRACK USE ONLY by default. Use in light duty applications (Street/Strip, Show Cars, etc.) will result in excessive pad wear. Please review the application chart to see where your weight and MPH apply to help with choosing the appropriate pad material.

If the Pad Material for your application is unclear, or if you’re using TBM brakes in a street/strip application, please contact Vincent Performance to discuss the best choice of materials.

TBM Brake Pad Application Chart
TBM Brake Pad Application Chart

TBM Brake Pad Compounds

 #1 – Standard Drag Race Pad

Maximum temperature 500°F, .60 CoF.
Designed for rapid yet smooth application.
Typical Use: Drag Racing

 #85 Standard Drag Race Pad – High Temp

Maximum temperature 1500°F, .58 CoF.
Extremely high initial bite with high, stable friction across temperature range. Improved pad and rotor wear rate over #84, the most rotor friendly “high-torque” brake pad.
Typical Use: Asphalt Oval, Road Racing, Drag Racing