Bullet Small Block Chevy 50-55mm Mechanical Roller Camshafts

$480.00$850.00 Each

Bullet Small Block Chevy Mechanical Roller Camshafts are custom designed by Vincent Performance for each racing application. After your purchase, we will work together to review your application in great detail to optimize your engines performance. This is a Custom Design Roller Camshaft unique to your cars combination, designed for optimum performance.

We can also help you with the rest of your valvetrain needs, from Lifters to Valve Springs, we can help you put together a hard running and reliable setup.

SBF Mechanical Roller Camshaft

  • 50mm/BBC Journal or 55mm Journal
  • Available in Stock 18436572 or 4/7 Swap (A-Fire), or 4/7 2/3 Swap Firing Orders

*NOTE: All Camshafts are shipped “Signature Required”